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(Last modified: 10 February 2024)
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Frittata with Sausages & Scamorza
  Ingredients for 4 servings:
  - 6 Eggs
  - 2pcs Italian Sausages
  - 100g Scamorza
  - 100g Himal Grana
  - Parsley
  - Salt, Pepper
  - Extra virgin olive oil
Break the eggs in a large bowl.
Add some chopped parsley, salt, pepper and grated Himal Grana.
Beat everything with a fork to mix, add the Scamorza cut into cubes and put aside.
In a non-stick pan, pour a drizzle of olive oil, add the crumbled Sausages and brown for a few minutes.
Add the egg mixture to the sausages and cook.
Cook for a few minutes to melt the Scamorza cheese and serve it hot.
Frittata with Sausages and Scamorza